About the Product

Rich in proteins and whey, Ghee or clarified butter produced by Nandini is a pure substance that is derived from a simple process that involves boiling the butter and draining the buttermilk at the end of the boiling process.


This dairy product contains a strong protein element in terms of whey and casein, as well as milk solids like lactose. The clarified butter or Ghee is also rich in Vitamins like A and K, which aids in the lubrication of joints and better digestive health.

How to Use

Ghee is known as a super ingredient used in most Indian kitchens. It also adds a dollop of delicious taste to any dish. It can be used to cook the seasoning used for curries, dals and other Indian dishes. It is also a well known ingredient for weight management

Other Product Info

EAN Code: 8906036670885
Manufactured & Marketed by: Karnataka Co-Operative Milk Producer'S Federation Limited
Country of origin: India

Nandini Pure Ghee/Tuppa, 1 L Pouch