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Name : Bio Magnetic Mattress 3*6 with 1 pillow Mattress protectors

Color : Red

Ideal for : Enhanced blood circulation & oxygen level in painful are for relief 100% natural permanent pain killer 3 years warranty Main route cause is only poor blood circulation & Oxygen Helps to avoid multiple blood vessels blockage tendency Are you suffering from Sleeping Problems? Or Being Insomniac? Don’t be worried about it. A lot is riding on the mattress that you are using at night when it comes to the quality of your sleep. You may have experienced sleeping on a sagging mattress that kept you from getting a good night’s sleep. Diamond brings Magnetic Mattress for give you better sleep and lots of dreams. Our magnet is very strictly not for industrial household’s leather garments Toys & Electronics Equipment purpose that use artificially electricity charge and it is ordinary man-made magnet. Diamond Magnetic Mattress is purely human health related biomedical grade as well as pure natural rare earth permanent highly polarize which can we say king of bio magnets for human health. Bioenergy bio magnet is 100% safe natural & nontoxic as well as most eco-friendly hygienic with zero any side effect. Diamond Magnetic Mattress works very effectively from top to bottom and purify total blood in your body.It will give you total relief from body pain top to bottom. Diamond Magnetic Mattress prevents from hereditary genetic family history Diseases. If one is suffering from choleste

Country of Origin : India

Bio Magnetic Mattress 3*6 with 1 pillow Mattress protectors